The worlds first fully immersive bowling experience
The best value turnkey bowling product on the market
The first ever "help yourself" maintenance program
The best warranty program of all the manufacturers

Turnkey Solution breakdown


The WAB hardware is designed and manufactured for optimal durability and safety.
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Lane Projection

The WAB lane projection system brings your bowling lanes into the future offering a unique visual experience
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Panel Projection

Transform your bowling lanes over and over again by using the scoring integrated projection panel
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UV Printed Lanes

We take the UV bowling experience to the next level by printing images on the lanes
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Daylight Mode

The daylight mode is perfect when you set up your local leagues or want to offer a traditional game of bowling
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Our WAB scoring system is a state of the art visual system that brings you the best looking animations
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Challenge mode

The WAB Challenge mode offers a easy and unique way to create new revenue streams
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Lack of space? don't worry, we got you

Here at WAB we strongly believe that if bowling was invented today the length of the lanes would not be as long as traditional lanes.
We believe short lanes is the future.
Taking 8-10 meters of the traditional 30 meter setup will not only drastically change the possibility to increase profits, it will also make the game of bowling more fun for most people.

The benefits of shorter lanes

Less area equals lower rent or the possibility to put in other activities to increase revenue
Makes it possible to install bowling lanes where  traditional length lanes will not fit
Paying customers gets higher scores which makes it more fun to play and look at
More games played every hour equals higher revenue if charging per game

Warranty & Maintenance

Check out our great warranty- and maintenance programs
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We Are Bowling

is a partnership between 3 international companies with more than 75 years of experience in operating, manufacturing and selling bowling products world wide. By combining high quality manufacturing with state of the art tech solutions WE ARE BOWLING manufactures the best bowling experience ever made.
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